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In an increasingly frantic and always ‘on’ world how can we find a more balanced and rhythmical way of life?
When we achieve balance and rhythm we enjoy a much improved quality of life through;

  • increase energy
  • improved productivity
  • less illness
  • greater clarity of mind
  • reduced anxiety
  • more time for enjoyment
  • and life-enhancing experiences.
At Saol Beo we specialise in Dr.Hauschka Skin Care Treatments and we also offer homeopathy consultations, nutrition advice and overall advice on well-being.  The services we offer are tailored to your individual needs, nothing we do is generic or impersonal.
The Dr.Hauschka Skin Care products we use in our treatments are simply the worlds best in organic and natural treatments. Dr.Hauschka Skin Care pioneered organic skincare and is supported by over 50 years of research and innovation.  The Saol Beo team is highly qualified and here to ensure you are nurtured and cared for through all stages of the treatment experience. Whether it is booking in for specialised skin care treatment, a relaxing massage or a homeopathic consultation with nutrition advice; our offering is truly holistic and dedicated to delivering tangible results for you.

We also provide Dr. Hauschka Esthetician Training so find out more about becoming a Dr Hauschka Esthetician.

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About Dr.Hauschka Skin Care

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care; Dr. Hauschka Kosmetik

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Treatments

People need two types of beauty – inner and outer. Elisabeth Sigmund, founder of Dr.Hauschka Skin Care.

Your Skin

We also take a holistic view of the skin – a strong yet sensitive organ that cannot be rigidly pigeon-holed.  Your skin needs the right care concepts for different days and places, different seasons and different stages of life.  At Dr.Hauschka, we therefore refer to skin conditions, which appear and disappear, rather than fixed skin types.  By using targeted stimuli, we encourage the skin’s natural activity to help it regenerate and re-discover its natural balance.

Our Skin Care Products

Our skin care products’ stimulating powers can be attributed to not only their carefully-developed recipes but also the manner in which they are applied.  At home, you can enjoy the combination of the fine spray of the Facial Toner and the gentle sensation of rubbing in different creams.  During a treatment from a Dr.Hauschka esthetician, you can put yourself in professional hands and enjoy deep relaxation.

A sound trio: cleanse, tone, moisturise

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care; Dr. Hauschka Kosmetik

Natural Products for Natural Skin

All Dr.Hauschka Skin Care products complement and support one another in carefully aligned skin care steps: we combine cleansing, toning and moisturising products.During the day, we recommend using Cleansing Cream or Soothing Cleansing Milk before toning your skin with Facial Toner, Regenerating Serum, Sensitive Care Conditioner or an Intensive Treatment and then finally moisturising with a Day Cream that corresponds to your skin condition.

The skin care is also perfectly complemented by our make-up range as our mascaras, eyeshadows, powders, rouge and lipsticks all contain moisturising components and medicinal plant extracts. At night time, we intentionally refrain from using greasy skin care so that your skin can breathe freely and naturally recuperate. By selecting a cleansing and a toning product, you perfectly prepare your skin for its natural regeneration.  This skin care regime has been successfully used since 1967.

At Saol Beo

We offer an extensive range of Dr. Hauschka Treatments, an extensive range of Dr. Hauschka Products, and Homeopathy treatments and consultations. Our  Dr.Hauschka estheticians are experienced, highly trained and qualified and take a holistic view of all our clients.  Saol Beo offer you a special Dr. Hauschka experience second to none.